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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Till Then...

If there's one love I'll never forget,
It is the one for you I've set,
If there's one decision I'll never regret,
It is the one when I made that step.

It was uncertain yet I took the leap,
For my love so strong I intend to keep,
You were the blessing I never asked
For even in my wishes you were the last.

But you came into my life so suddenly,
To my surprise I did feel happy,
Because then I felt I'll never be alone,
With the special attachment and instant joy I was shown.

I knew that if I kept you my dreams may shatter,
But then at that time none of those even mattered,
As long as I had you I knew I'd survive,
The reason why I decided to keep you alive.

I'm sorry if there were times I made you worry,
When I cried as I thought of you and your daddy,
I was just so young and so confused,
Either you or him I had to choose.

I knew at those times you understood my pain,
Because I felt you in my tummy when you restrained,
I knew you wanted to help end my misery,
So you then decided to set me free.

When I lost you I thought of dying,
I spent night after night of my weeks crying,
I blamed myself for losing you,
My little baby, "I love you".

In my heart I'm sure you're enjoying heaven,
All the love, protection and joy you are given,
I know someday we'll be together again,
I can't tell when, but I'd wait till then.

There's a related poem; Mama Cried which I wrote as the baby's response to the mother: Link

© AmaranthLevana 2010

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