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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mama Cried

I heard mama cry for she was happy,
The day she learned I was there in her tummy,
She swore never will she let anything harm me,
That she'd always adore me, cherish me, protect me.

I heard mama cry for she was scared,
Coz' when she told daddy, daddy didn't care,
She said, "Baby, now it's just you and I"
Silently then I bode daddy goodbye.

For quite sometime it was indeed just mama and I,
And never again did I hear her cry.
We became more attached as days went by;
Every night she sang to me a lullaby.

She told me stories about a perfect family,
There was a mommy, a daddy and a cute little baby.
Then at every end she'll suddenly say sorry,
Because she knows that such we can never be.

We were so happy, just mama and I,
Even when she felt tired she did not cry,
My mama is brave, my mama is strong;
Everything she faces with smiles and with song.

I heard mama cry again for she was sad,
She had to give me up for everything she had,
My mama was just so young and so confused,
Either me or her dreams she had to choose.

Mama cried once more when she chose me,
Said: "My life means nothing without you, baby."
Though I was glad I just couldn't let it be,
So then I decided to set her free.

One fateful night while mama was asleep,
In my warm shelter I felt cold air creep,
It traveled inside me and it went deep,
So silent, mama didn't notice it ceased my heartbeat.

We're not together anymore, mama and I,
Yet from up here I still hear her cry,
Everyday she says: "I love you, my baby"
How I wish to respond: "I love you too, mommy."

Though she smiles, her heart does cry,
I still hear her sing my lullaby,
I hope one day she'll understand why,
I had to go and with angels fly.

Though mama would never get to be my mother,
And never will she know if I were son or daughter,
It's enough that she would always remember,
That I'd be watching her still while in the arms of Our Father.

Note: This poem was written a few days after I wrote "Till Then" (Link). It was sort of the baby's answer to the mother or something like that. At first I couldn't think of any of my drawings that would go with this poem so I thought of posting this one without putting any. The image used in this post was created while I was waiting for my internet connection to get back up...  

© AmaranthLevana 2010 

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