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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Puppy Love Part1: Two Seconds

My name is Amber and this is the story of my unrequited love.
“You’re there again, Amber?”
The voice of my mommy made me look away from the window. I glanced at her with pleading eyes so she would let me stay here and leave me alone with my daydreaming for a while. 
“It’s time for breakfast. Aren’t you hungry?”
I quickly shook my head and pulled my eyes away to stare out the window again. I could not speak a single word, but I know she understands me. I heard her release a sigh as she gave my head a soft pat before walking away to head back to the kitchen.
I know my mom is upset, but I can’t leave this spot just yet.
He will come by any minute now and I don’t want to miss even a single day without seeing his face. 
For two seconds…
Those precious seconds that I get to gaze at him as he skillfully delivers the morning paper is the highest point of my daily life.
It’s foolish, but it’s true.
6:00 am, on the dot… never a minute late… 
For two seconds:
One, he’ll stop his bike and step his right foot on the curb to keep his balance.
Two, he’ll pull out a newspaper and accurately land it on our porch.
And before the count of three… he’d be gone.
Just like that.
Just like that and my day is complete.
It’s the only chance that I get to see him, but I would not complain.
I’m happy enough with just like that.
And it’s like this…
Every day...
When we first moved into this neighborhood about three months ago, I was so depressed. Things really aren’t easy when you’re a newb. No one wanted to play with me. No one would talk to me except for mom. Unlike in our old neighborhood, everyone here made me feel like I was invisible. 
If only I could speak, I wanted to tell mom how much I hated this town.
Meeting him changed everything.
“Is this yours?”
I was about to get back in the house when I heard that voice. I turned around to make sure that I was the one being spoken to…
And that’s when I saw the sweetest smile…
His beautiful sparkling eyes stared directly into mine.
He stepped forward and presented his lovely and slender hand which held my doll.
His cute face shone like sunshine brightening up my gloomy day.
I feared he might hear my heart beating so loud, so without thinking, I snatched my doll and ran inside.
I could have at least said thank you…
If only I could speak.
6:00 am. 
Here I am sitting by the window again.
One, he stopped his bike and stepped his right foot on the curb to keep his balance.
Two, he took out a newspaper and threw it on the porch.
Three, he looked my way and smiled.
Before the count of---
My name is Amber; I have an unrequited love…
Or is it?

Part two can be read here: Link    

© AmaranthLevana 2010

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