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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Puppy Love Part2: On time...

YuAmaLev: This is Part 2. Please read Part 1: Two Seconds first ^_^

His name is Michael and he is my first love.

It took a couple of months before I knew his name, coz you see, I couldn’t speak.

6:00 am, on the dot, Michael will come to deliver the morning paper.

He’s never a minute late.

For five seconds.

Those precious seconds brighten my day.

One, he’ll stop his bike and step his right foot on the curb to keep his balance.

Two, he’ll pull out a newspaper and accurately land it on our porch.

Three, he’ll look my way and smile at me.

Four-Five, he’ll wave and say “Mornin’!”

And before the count of six, he’ll be gone.

Every day…

It’s like this…

Every day…

Every day at 6:00…

I wanted so much to say “Good morning” to him.

I wanted to wish him a great day.

I wanted to ask him to come over and play sometime.

I wanted to know him better.

If only I could speak…

If only I could speak, I’d talk to him…

If I only I could speak, he’d know…

I love him.

5:58 a.m., I was already sitting by the window. Only two more minutes and he’ll be coming by.




What was that?

I turned my head. It came from the kitchen!


My eyes widened in shock when I saw mommy lying on the floor.


Clutching her chest, it was the only sound she could make.

I quickly ran to her in panic.

What will I do? Mommy!!! What’s happening?


Oh, the sound of her pain rattled me. I trembled as I saw her try and catch her breath.

But, I don’t know what to do!

I tried to call for help but no one could hear me!

5:59 a.m.

I ran out the door and tried to find help.

The man who was mowing his lawn next door looked at me but that was all.

Help! Help! Help me, please!

From a few blocks away I saw Michael.

Michael! Michael!

I tried to call but he can’t hear me.

I couldn’t speak a single word.

Not even a single word to save my mommy’s life.

I started to run towards him and finally, he saw me.

I saw him step on his pedal faster until he reached me.

He halted and caught his breath.

“Amber?! What’s going on?”

I wasn’t able to say anything but he followed me when I ran back in the house.

6:00 a.m.

This day, it’s just like every day…


“Michael will be coming by any second now, right?”

I looked up at mommy and smiled.

Five seconds…

One, he stopped in front of our lawn and got off from his bike.

Two, with the newspaper in his hand, he walked to our porch…



Mommy smiled at me before opening the front door and greeting Michael.

“Good morning, Ms. Williams I’m glad you’re doing fine.”

The smile on Michael’s face was as charming and as bright as ever.

“Yes. Thank you. I owe you my life.”

“Not at all, I just happened to pass by. Everything is all thanks to Amber…”




Michael turned to me and looked at me with admiring eyes.

“…she’s a very smart dog.”

His name is Michael and he’s my first love.

He’s the newspaper boy who saved my mommy’s life.

© AmaranthLevana 2010 

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