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Saturday, August 21, 2010


You said you loved me,
You swore to never leave me,
That you'd always adore me,
Cherish me, protect me...
You lied...

You promised forever,
You'd stay here by my side,
Keep me warm day and night,
In any harm you'd hold me tight...
You lied...

You told me that I'm the one,
The one you'd grow old with,
The one you'd share everything with,
The one who you'd die with...
You lied...

You said there will be no one else,
That your love was mine alone,
Your whole heart, body and soul,
As your girl, only I could play the role...
You lied...

Now you're telling me,
There's someone new in your life,
That I have to let you go,
Set you free, let you fly.

You say you love her so,
That she's everything your heart knows,
Her beauty you can't resist,
Without her you can no longer exist.

I tried to lie to you to,
Tell you I never really loved you,
Tell you I don't really care,
If your forever with another girl you'd share.

But my eyes betray me,
My tears keep flowing endlessly,
The pain in me grows rapidly,
So I know I can't lie to you like you did to me.

You could have left me with my pride,
You could have kept lying and stayed by my side,
Whatever you say I'd believe,
Even though your words do deceive.

I know this may not sound so wise,
But I'm begging you to come back into my life,
Come back and love me true, otherwise,
Come back to me and tell me again those lies.


© AmaranthLevana 2010 

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