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Sunday, August 15, 2010


I wish I was that drop of tear falling from your eye,
I'll flow slowly down your cheek and rest on your lips,
I'll grant you release from that pain you feel,
I can kiss you to heal you being just a drop of tear.

I wish I was that star you wish on each night,
I'll watch over you and you'll stare up for me too,
I can give you hope and the will to fight,
Though distant I can be with you being just a star in the night.

I wish I was that bottle of wine you drink,
I'll accompany you in your sorrow and sadness,
You'll hold me tightly in your hand and your lips would touch mine,
I can help you forget your troubles being just a bottle of wine.

How I wish that I was your favorite song,
My melody will run through your head all day long,
With each line or phrase I'll inspire you,
And touch your heart simply by being just a song.

© AmaranthLevana 2010 

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