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Monday, October 1, 2012

Random Post: I have NOTHING

I may not have the same logic as everyone else, and that's one of the reasons why I have a blog. (So I could write about my thoughts, my ideas, my delusions--- well, whatever you want to call them.)

What is Forever?
Forever often pertains to eternity, something that goes on beyond the end of time. Infinite. A word that is used to describe something which would never stop or something everlasting.
"I will love you forever and a day."
"That would be a really looooong time, wouldn't it?"
The thing is, no matter how rated the word "Forever" is, it is nothing but an idea. Everything has a limit. Even the metric space in which the Universe expands as theorized in the Big Crunch scenario has a limit wherein when reached, the universe would collapse upon itself and become a black hole singularity. In mathematics we learned about ∞ which, apparently refers to something 'without a limit' that is either countable infinite (integers) or uncountable infinite (real numbers). The countable set can be counted individually, although may never finish, but no one has ever counted long enough to find out if it does end or not while the uncountable set simply contains too many elements to be counted. 
"Ah heck! This will take forever, let's just use this ∞."

What is Nothing?
In simple words, it basically just means the nonexistence of something. 
But does it really exist?
Try to think of nothing. Can you do it? My bet would be, it would be impossible. Can you clear your mind enough to say that you have accomplished thinking about nothing? 
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing much."
A paradox.
"What's in your cup?"
Not even air molecules?
Someone'll probably throw in the argument about vacuums, so: partial vacuums, yes (in laboratories and in space) and perfect vacuum still exists in theory and in theory they still aren't composed of complete nothingness with the case of the virtual particles being present. 

The logic behind the phrase "Nothing" is "Forever" is a paradox. 
"Forever" is just an idea such as "Nothing" which both do not exist in reality and therefore are both technically "Nothing" in the real world. In some cases depending on the context of the statement they contradict, but there could be ways when they could interchange.
'We have nothing to lose' could very well mean 'We have forever to lose.' or 'I can give you forever' could actually mean 'I can give you nothing.'
'I think of nothing.' 
'I think of forever.'

It's late. Can't sleep.

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